Welcome to my website. Here you will find introductory information about my practice, professional services, and how psychotherapy works.

I am clinical psychologist specializing in working with patients who have the ability to make choices and learn self-corrective skills based in cognitive behavioral therapy. More simply put, if a person is sufficiently able to want to feel better and can make a convincing case for the change, I will gladly help make it happen.

Change isn't for everybody, and sometimes, it depends on the time or season of your life. However, if you experiencing a desire or need to change something that has become a problem, such as feelings of sadness, anxiety, or anger, relationship stress or dissatisfaction, or habits like procrastination or unhealthy eating behaviors, you might be ready to explore therapy to find a solution.

Dr. Karen Yeh is a California state-licensed psychologist (CA PSY18928) based in the San Francisco Bay Area.